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¿Quiénes somos?

 Grupo ABSA is a nationwide wholesale distributor leading the automation, industrial control and communication market. We’re devoted to fully satisfy the necessities and expectations of our clients through integrated solutions and the expertise and knowledge of our consultants and advisors, on the basis of a quality administration system that ensures

– Products and services from world-class brands that meet the national and international quality standards of operation and commercialization at the automation, control and communication fields.

–        Highly compromised and permanently skilled personnel, to accomplish the improvement of our processes, establishing preventive and developing systems.

–       Efficiency and productivity in all of our  procedures.

Our Commitments


Products and services that meet the national and international quality standards operation and commercialization.


Focused on providing accurate and timely solutions, we have a large supply of products in stock in order to successfully meet your needs on the fastest and most appropriate way.


Offering at any time the friendly, trustworthy and timely assistance you need.


ABSA constant training: More than 180 man-hours invested monthly in training in order to serve you better. 


A team of specialists will support you at any time answering your questions and helping you at any technical field.


You can access to our online website to check our inventories, quote, set up orders, and check the shipping status. 

Our Values


As a basis for every human activity, we are highly compromised with honesty, affection, and morality of our operations.


Serving others as we want to be served is our commitment. Providing services with an added value is our pledge.


We offer the latest and most efficient technology as well as the  optimization of our work.


The efficiency of our company es met through mutual support and the participation and compromise of all the associates.


Getting the job done and doing it correctly from the start is our permanent approach.


Our daily success it’s met with humility, sincerity and the absence of complications of our efforts.

Our Philosophy


We provide solutions to help our clients meet their objectives and generate benefits to our contributors and shareholders. We are compromised with the society, the environment and stability.


Being the main option in the industrial and communication marketplace, with a focused approach  to satisfy the solutions necessities of our clients both in specialized products, and the high demand, based in quality, service, efficiency, technological competitiveness and advanced systems with associates highly trained and motivated, supported by the institutionalization of the corporation.

Our Story

Actualmente Grupo ABSA se consolida como empresa líder en el ramo eléctrico, de automatización, control y comunicaciones, con un equipo conformado por más de 400 personas, con oficinas en 15 estados de la república y cobertura en todo el país.

ABSA was established
the 4th of July at Guadalajara Mex., by Mr. Luis Carlos Garza. His main goal was to satisfy the necessities of the many different companies in the automation and industrial control field. His first team was conformed by 4 individuals who were in charge of purchases, sales, advertisement, shipment and collections.

The company began it’s expansion across Mexico establishing branches in Hermosillo and Leon, followed by Colima, Aguascalientes and Zacatecas.

 It’s decided to approach the communications field, giving place to the division of ABSA Comunicaciones Guadalajara.

Activities kick-off at Monterrey and Mexico City with high quality standards to serve as required. Being coherent with our constant pursue to provide valuable solutions, the panels division is formed in 2012 followed by ABSA Services and ABSA Energy on 2013, providing the most eminent solutions to upgrade profitability and operate at the highest levels.

The merging of Electrica AB and ABSA Comunicaciones on our 20th anniversary gives place to Grupo ABSA. The Industrial, Datacom, Panels, Channel Support and Energy divisions are consolidated in a single corporate group.

Eléctrica AB merges with ABSA del Norte and ABSA Sonora, with national presence and the support and financial strength of a great corporation that in one year trebled it’s size and unified it’s institutional and operative processes maintaining it’s efficiency and service high standards.

Client Oriented Structure

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Supporting Team:

We organize ourselves in an innovative way. Our structure is client oriented and we count with highly trained and specialized personnel, with solid organized foundations supporting our daily work to provide you timely and efficient services.

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